Digital Storytelling Colloquium: Dene Grigar

Thursday, October 13, 2022 4pm to 5pm

Digital Storytelling Colloquium presentation

“From the Net to the Web: Genres of Born-Digital Fiction”
Dene Grigar, PhD, Professor and Director, Electronic Literature Lab, Washington State University

Recording available on YouTube.


From serial novels delivered over a bulletin board system (BBS) to multimedia fiction published on the web, artists have been experimenting with computer-based storytelling for well over 40 years. The work they have produced challenges traditional notions of genre and often have resulted in terms that straddle the machinic and the literary. This presentation highlights some of the genres that have emerged and are used for describing born-digital fiction, starting with Judy Malloy’s Uncle Roger (1986-88) to present-day examples found on the web.


The IDRH Digital Storytelling Colloquium is a series of virtual events focused on the ethics, politics, and techniques of digital storytelling. Stretched over the length of the academic year, the events feature exemplary projects from across the world and across the KU campus, model digital storytelling practices, and introduce participants to a range of digital storytelling tools. The vision of the colloquium is to build a community of inquiry and an incubator for ideas.   

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