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Ross Gilmore(Sias Graduate Fellow, Philosophy)
"Uncovering Unity: Ontology as a Guide to Living"

WED DEC 7, 12:00 - 1:30 PM
Hall Center Conference Hall
Lunch is provided, please RSVP here: https://tinyurl.com/y5cew4av

How do the pieces of our lives fit together? While at times we may find the variety of our interests and commitments exciting, at others we may despair that our lives lack coherence — that there is no common thread weaving together the hours of our days with any overarching meaning. One of the through lines of Plato’s corpus is the consideration of just what it would mean to have the kind of understanding that would allow us to reconcile into a harmonious whole the seemingly heterogeneous components of our lives. From the early Protagoras through the late dialogues, Plato is perennially interested in the question of how to take the measure of our problems, to find that perspective from which the elements of our lives might fit together in a complex but unified whole. Gilmore’s dissertation, Uncovering Unity, explores the ways in which Plato uses the philosophical tools at his disposal to analyze two such complex wholes: the good life of the individual and the good political community. It investigates Plato’s specific treatments of psychology in the Philebus and political philosophy in the Statesman and illuminates them as aspects of a common mission - to discover how philosophical analysis can help us navigate an at times perplexing world.
  • Tim Geller
  • Kyiah Ullmann

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